The new boxed trilogy

Yes, I’ve decided to do a new boxed version of the trilogy. Not only will it have a new cover, it will also feature a whole raft of new stories as well. Some will be set before the trilogy began, others after the events in Devon’s Demons. It will also include some more of the…

Permadeath – The Code-10 Penal System

If you’ve been reading book four in the Permadeath series, Black Sheep, you’ll have seen that one of the pilots – Schwarz – was assigned to the regiment under the Code-10 Penal System. Every crime in the European Republic is assigned a specific number from 0.5 (exceedingly minor) through to 10 (major crime). Every crime…

Black Sheep – Plane Callsigns

Vehicle Designation  As with all military units, the 1st Penal Air Offence Regiment numbers its vehicles. In the case of the 1st PAOR, this then gives the planes assigned to it, designated call signs that never have to change. Even if the plane and crew are destroyed multiple times. Craft Numbering is reg/wing/squadron/flight/craft e.g. 1-1-3-4-6,…

Black Sheep – A quick reveal

“Epsilon three, break left man, break left! Dammit!” Flight-sergeant Luke Kingsley watched, hopeless, as yet another of his flight was blown into flinders by the ChinKor fighter ace Purple Lesion, shards of metal spiralling to the ground far below.

Black Sheep – Read it for free as I write it!

In the future a VR game called World Domination, has replaced ‘real’ warfare. The ChinKor Republic has invaded Britain, the last bastion of European resistance. The Black Sheep, a unit of convict pilots, is sent in to stem the tide and atone for their crimes. Can they overcome their hatred, distrust of each other and their sadistic guards?

49ers – Some game mechanics explained

A lot of feedback from those who have been kind enough to review my books is centred around how they want to know more about the actual game mechanics. For me, when I’m reading LitRPG, I tend to skip over the stats in order to get into the meat of the story. However, my reviewers…

Being compared to your heroes is a fabulous feeling

Seriously, what better complement than to have someone compare your writing and story verse to that of a writing hero, and a billion-dollar games franchise? Desperate Times can be found on ALL Amazons.    

Desperate Times need Desperate Measures

No doubt you’re already aware that Desperate Times came out on Christmas Day. The response in sales and KENP reads has been amazing but, and there’s always a but, reviews have been as rare as hens’ teeth on a blue moon. And here’s the thing, the 1st 72 hours are vitally important for books. Reviews…

The Last Gasp

The Last Gasp was just that; a desperate attempt by the oil-producing countries to keep themselves relevant in a world which had finally realised that it needed them no longer.

Photo Competition! 

Do you want to win a book? Cool. How about 2, 3, 4 or even EVERY 49ers book I write?

Who are the Black Sheep?

The Black Sheep is a hated and feared unit. Part of the 1st Penal Air Regiment, it consists of criminals and their pilots. Every member of the squadron has had their used lives reduced to 49. Commanded by men and women who have absolute control over their lives, they’re being thrown into the desperate battle for survival against the ChinKor invasion forces.

Fly my baby! Fly!

There’s always a little frisson of excitement for me when I upload a book to Kindle. Usually because it means that I don’t have got through version 8 trying to find out why 1 para in the whole book isn’t working properly.

Who are the 49ers?

The 49ers is a regiment formed of players who are on their 49th life in the VR game World Domination. The rules used to be that if you completed 100 battles, and didn’t lose all 50 lives, you would be able to return to civilian life.

What do the 49ers uniforms look like?

Those of you who have already read Desperate Times will have seen the image I used to give a general representation. Well, the search continues and I have a couple of images to share with you so that you can get a better mental picture when you’re reading. As soon as I can afford it, I will most certainly be commissioning an artist to work with me in order to produce the definitive ECAF grunt. As to what the ChinKor troops look like? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see.

Desperate Times are here!

It’s 2100, Britain faces its greatest challenge as the remains of the European Combined Armed Forces dig in to repel the imminent ChinKor Republic invasion of Great Britain. Bombers and missiles destroy whole swathes of British cities and countryside and every eligible man and woman over the age of 16 has been conscripted to join the fight. And an online game in which the soldiers are kept in immersive sensory tanks has replaced physical war.